Our experienced, skilled team love the difficult jobs and can produce pretty much any label you or your customers can think of.

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Baker Labels produce a wide range of bespoke labels, from the basic plain labels produced on any kind of material to full colour, dual layer labels. The list is too numerous to name every type of label but here are a few examples:

Barcode labels
All codes are available and created in-house. (Standard static codes plus full variable, consecutive and random.) 
Blockout Labels
Mainly used for covering up errors. Available in various materials from economy paper with coloured adhesive to high quality opaque white vinyl where a high brightness white is required.
Domed Labels
Base labels available in multi-colour on quality polyester or vinyl then resin domed to give a prestige emblem effect label. 
Peel and Reveal Labels
When more information is required on a limited size label, we are able to offer 3-part labels – face, inside and base, to give 3 times the print area. Can be used for special offers, ingredient labels, promotions etc.
Piggyback Labels
A dual layer label typically used for direct mail promotions, where the label can be re-used by the customer to reply to an offer. These are available with a white or clear middle layer and various face materials. 
Security/Void Tamper evident
A wide range of labels available to show various levels of tamper evidence. Ultra-destruct vinyls are the high end, where the label is extremely difficult to remove and shows a high level of tamper evidence.
Ultra-destruct PE is similar to vinyl but slightly cheaper.
Void labels do not break up, but reveal a void message when removal is attempted. These are also available with colour change messages.
Void labels are available in clear, white and silver, but can also be printed in full colour. 
Product Labels
Wide range of any kind of label for any kind of product. The digital press is particularly good for these labels as the quality is superb and would add to the saleability of any product.
Small vial labels
We’ve developed the ability to offer a range of single ply and peel & reveal labels, manufactured specifically to suit the tricky application to smaller diameter vials eg cosmetic and vape labels (with tactile).
Sequential Numbered labels
Often used in conjunction with security materials for asset marking etc. Virtually any size, colour and sequence can be produced on any substrates.
Promotional Window Stickers
High quality, long life window stickers produced by Screen. Medium life and long run versions can be produced by UV Flexo and short life but very high quality (short term promotions etc) can be produced on the Digital press.
Durable Labels
Used for long life outdoor applications i.e. drum/chemical labelling, recycling bins, car batteries etc. Produced on high quality resistant materials with BS5609 (sea water specification) adhesives.
Personalised Labels
Information supplied by the customer on a spreadsheet can be produced in conjunction with full colour print.
Special Effects
Glow in the dark, scratch off, thermochromatic, colour change, holographic effects etc., can be incorporated into most types of label.
We can also supply a wide range of non-adhesive products eg. luggage tags, plant name tags, clothing price labels.

If you do not see one that suits you here just contact one of our sales team who will be able to advise you.

Label Finishes and Effects

Below are just some of the different kinds of finishes we can produce.



high gloss, matt & soft touch

Thermochromic inks


Colour-shift inks



Including textured emboss

Foil Doming



tactile, textured & spot

Metallic inks


Glow in the dark


Glitter varnishing



hot, cold and 3D

Fragrance encapsulated inks


Holographic effects


Adhesive printing


Why You Can Trust Bakers As Your Trade Label Printer


At Baker Labels our talented and experienced in-house studio team work with the artwork designs our customers send us to ensure they are perfectly prepared for the presses.

Technical capabilities
Technical capabilities
Our studio team work on 27” Apple iMacs using Adobe Creative Cloud, which means we are always up to date with the latest products. We have set up Esko Automation Engine and Hybrid Cloud Flow to link with our purpose built MIS system to remove some of the mundane tasks from our processes so our studio can spend more time doing what they are good at, working on and checking your designs.

Graphic Packages
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

Esko Dynamic VDP – Bespoke label production including all types of barcodes, QR Codes and data matrix.
HP SmartStream Designer – provides bespoke PDF production
Esko Colour Engine – colour management software which ensures colour consistency for accurate brand & spot colour standards including a link to Pantone Live (see below for further details)
Esko FlexProof – linked to an Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printer, this allows our studio to check the accuracy of the colour match from our various printers before it even leaves the department (see below for further details)

Colour management
Baker Labels offer a full prepress service. We can assist you by setting up a Colour Management System, which is system-level functionality that maps or translates the colour space of one device to the colour space of another. Colours are checked using the X-rite i1PRO ,iO and GTI MiniMatcher light box.

Colour Management System: Esko Colour Engine and Hybrid Cloud Flow link to our purpose built MIS system


  • Esko FlexProof
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4900 Proofer
  • Automated colour accuracy with remote proofing capabilities
  • Outstanding colour consistency and matching accuracy
Artwork specification

We can accept PDF /x, Illustrator CC, Indesign CC. We would rather have native files, but we know that this is not always possible. Download our guidelines below for more information.

Download our general guidelines for supplying artwork
Download our digital printing guidelines for supplying artwork 

Label Despatch

We recognise the importance of a confidential service. Your customers are your customers and you can count on our integrity as a trade label printer, for over four decades, to avoid any conflicts of interest.

If required, orders can be delivered to customers under plain cover or with your own branded delivery notes.

Despatch department

Leading Distributer of Label Materials

Bakers are also the leading independent distributer of self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive label materials in the UK.

Offering a comprehensive range of both branded and non-branded label products, we are a “one-stop shop” for the roll label printer. If your customers require samples of materials from the huge stock we carry, we can send them for next day delivery.

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