Our experienced, skilled team love the difficult jobs and can produce pretty much any label you or your customers can think of.

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What is a trade customer?

We mainly supply labels to other label producers, commercial printers and print management companies who are looking for a quality trade label manufacturer. Our practise is not to work with brands or end users directly.

Baker Boys

Baker Labels has been established for almost 50 years and has become the leading trade label printer in the UK. We are a family business with a family ethos at the centre of how we operate. We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking, well-respected innovators, consistently growing and investing in the latest print technologies.

Our customers expect us to produce labels and packaging of excellent quality with fast turnarounds. We strive to go beyond expectations. Our aim is to never say no to an enquiry, therefore many label printers come to us when they don’t have the equipment or capabilities to complete a job. We solve customers’ problems for them quickly and to a very high standard.

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We can offer our trade customers:

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Labels with hot foil and embossing

Our expertise in label production covers every type of label you might need. We print both digitally and conventionally and have extensive finishing capabilities for embellishments. Labels can be supplied to you on reels, sheets, fan folded or singles. Below are a few examples of markets we frequently produce labels for but because every order is bespoke, we can do what ever you require.

Although we do not offer a design service, our skilled in-house Studio team work with the artwork designs our customers send us to ensure they are perfectly prepared for the presses.

If you do not see what you’re looking for, call us for advice or email us and we will be happy to help.

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Drink Industry

Labels in the wine, beer and spirits industry are creative hot spots for designers. Our extensive high-end embellishment capabilities allow our customers to seriously push the creative boundaries, giving their products an edge to stand out on the shelf.

We can create stunning labels in different materials, including waterproof labels, metallic labels or foil labels. You can order any size or quantity, with bespoke finishing to add to the consumer experience.  

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Spirit bottles with no labels
Pharmaceutical bottles with labels

Pharmaceutical labeling requirements are stricter than those for other products. In fact, pharmaceutical products require extra steps administered to ensure consumers get the right information. The label must remain in place on the container and be legible across its lifespan, including distribution, storage and use.

This will mean producing labels that have strong adhesive strength and are resistant to a number of extreme environments including water, UV light and cryogenic temperatures.

We can provide accurate serial numbering, barcoding and tamper evidence mechanisms to labels.

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In the competitive industry of health and beauty, packaging is key. Managing consistent colours across a range of products no matter the size, substrate, finish and use of the label produced, is something you can count on Bakers for.

We also offer extensive finishing capabilities to add a premium luxury feel; peel and reveal options; quality print on a wide range of materials for print and finish.

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Cosmetic stock image
industrial labels

Labels that are required to endure extreme conditions, particularly over a long period of time without fading, flaking or falling off require durable materials and a permanent adhesive. We can produce what ever you require and can advise on our suitable range of substrates and laminates.

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Small Vial

We are experts in producing labels for small vials such as vape products that not only need to look good for the consumer but also need to hold a lot of regulatory content printed in a very small area. Available options to consider would include:

Multi layer peel and reveal, tactile triangle, serial numbering / bar codes, holographic foiling, fluorescent and uv invisible ink.

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Small labelled vials
Household product labels
Product Labels

No matter the product, we can produce the labels you require. Any shape, size, quantity and finish to suit the packaging they are being applied to. All markets from food and drink to household and gardening; mechanical and industrial to toys and electronics.

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Read more about sustainable options


Security and Brand Protection

For products that require layers of security and brand protection we can provide a range of features using outstanding print quality and versatility including:

  • Digital Electroink invisible yellow and blue for invisible texts, codes and shapes only visible under UV light
  • Microtext that, to the naked eye, appears as a thin line or decoration
  • Variable data and images
  • Tamper evident material

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Durable labels
Barcode labels

Bar Code and Asset Labelling

Bar codes are almost standard on most product labels. QR codes and bar codes can be created in-house. Standard static codes plus full variable, consecutive and random are all possible.

Asset labels can be personalised with business or organisations name, logo and sequential numbering/barcode and then applied to your property, equipment or fixed assets.

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HP Smartstream Mosaic and Collage

Similar to variable data printing, but on a whole new level. Rather than using a database to swap out variable text and images, HP Smartstream Mosaic and Collage transforms artwork randomly. The result? Every single label can be unique. Using one or many vector PDF files or “seed files”, the software generates a large number of file variations by scaling, rotating, and transposing the images. This creates variable image assets which are then printed on one of our HP Indigo digital presses.

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Label Finishes and Effects

At Bakers we have a extensive label embellishment capabilities.
Our experienced team can advise you on what can be achieved with your designs to add value and impact regardless of budget.

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Hot foil, 3D foil, embossed labels
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Textured embossing
  • Hot and cold foiling
  • 3D and lenticular foiling
  • Silkscreen

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  • Textured varnish
  • Glow in the dark ink
  • Fluorescent ink
  • Holographic effects
  • Colour shift inks
  • Thermochromic inks

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Label embellishments
finishing with style foil domed
  • Lamination – gloss, matt, soft touch and more
  • Metallic inks
  • Foil doming
  • Adhesive printing
  • Fragrance encapsulated inks

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Digital Finishing for Labels

In addition to conventional finishing, at Bakers we can offer digital embellishments for labels with the DigiJet module added to one of our ABG Series 3 Digicons

Digital Embellishments for Labels


  • Cold foil
  • Varnish
  • High build varnish for tactile effect
  • High build foil doming
  • Cast and cure
  • Variable holographic foiling

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Benefits of Digital Finishing


  • Use any image as a source
  • Highly detailed printing
  • No tooling required
  • Images can be variable
  • Variable layers – varnish/foil

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Environmentally Friendly Labels

We are frequently asked for advice and guidance on producing environmentally friendly labels. It’s become very clear that customers, producers, brand owners and consumers all have a different understanding of what they think they are asking for when they want their labels to be “more environmentally friendly.”

 The first thing to do is clearly identify what they really want to achieve and if they understand the options available for their product.

A label usually becomes an integral part of the product to which it is applied. It is therefore important that both the packaging design and choice of label materials are compatible with what they are trying to achieve.

Sustainable Labels

Sustainable basically means responsibly produced.

This can refer to the material the labels are printed on or the print process itself so really is the most easily achieved when creating labels and packaging.

Print Process

At Baker Labels we can print both digitally on HP Indigo and Screen Inkjet or conventionally on a Nilpeter FB3. This means we can offer you the most efficient method to suit your label needs. By printing digitally there are no plate costs and multiple SKUs can be run in the same job. We can even digitally foil and varnish your labels. Reducing waste and only printing what you need when you need it is the sustainable option.

Sustainable Materials

BM572 Rock Paper / Marble Base
Permanent Adhesive
A matt white calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%) together with recycled HDPE (20%). The face material can be printed by conventional printing techniques including Screen, offset, letterpress, silkscreen, Flexo. Download Specification Sheet
BM582 Gloss White Bio Based PE
A white corona treated bio based PE film, produced by fermenting the sugar from sugar cane. The bio based content of this film is minimum 83%.The corona treated face material can be printed by conventional printing techniques including flexo, screen, offset, letterpress, silk screen, gravure and hot or cold foiling processes. Download Specification Sheet
BM579 Rock Paper / Marble Base
Peelable Adhesive
A matt white calcium carbonate derived from marble mining waste (80%) together with recycled HDPE (20%). The face material can be printed by conventional printing techniques including Screen, offset, letterpress, silkscreen, Flexo. Download Specification Sheet

Recyclable and Recycled Labels

Recyclable means the labels can be placed in the recycling stream.
Recycled usually refers to the material the labels are printed on.
A label usually becomes an integral part of the product to which it is applied. Labelled packages can typically be recycled if the label content and surface coverage are low enough. Therefore when considering recyclability of the label and packaging, compatible materials should be considered.  For example, polythene containers should use PE or PP face materials.
BM570 Recycled Paper
White uncoated paper made of 100 % recycled fibres. Download Specification Sheet
Cardboard and Corrugated Board Materials
Cardboard and corrugated packages with a paper label can be recycled. If they bear a plastic label, they can be recycled as long as the label’s weight does not exceed 20% of the total weight.
PP, HDPE and LDPE Materials
In most cases, plastic packages with filmic/synthetic labels on can be recycled.
A PE product with a PE label may be considered recyclable.
A PP product with a PP label may be considered recyclable.
In addition, as a general rule for polyolefins (PE and PP) combined:
A PP product with a PE label may be considered recyclable.
A PE product with a PP label may be considered recyclable.
PET Packaging Materials
A PET product with PET label may be considered recyclable but the quality of recycled material may be lower due to the contamination.
A PET product with polyolefin (PE or PP) based label may be considered recyclable if the density of the label is less than 1 g/cm³. Using a wash-off adhesive can support the recyclability of PET packaging materials.

Biodegradable and Compostable Labels

Biodegradable means that the material will break down to its base components. Compostable means that the material will break down into safe compost.
For a label to be biodegradable or compostable it must be printed on a suitable material, including the adhesive and have limited ink coverage. There are limited facilities for consumers to home or industrially compost packaging however it still remains a popular ideal for many brands and consumers.
BF901 Cane Fibre Paper
A matt white uncoated woodfree printing paper composed of 95% of sugar cane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen. Specifically designed for wine labelling where the complete packaging should be biodegradable. Download Specification Sheet
BF902 Natural Bois
A matt white uncoated woodfree printing paper composed of 95% of sugar cane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen. Specifically designed for wine labelling where the complete packaging should be biodegradable. Download Specification Sheet
BF903 Semi Gloss Paper
 A semi gloss white one side machine coated, woodfree printing paper composed of FSC certified paper. Suitable for a wide range of promotional and industrial label applications. Download Specification Sheet
BF904 Transfer Vellum
A white supercalendered woodfree printing paper composed with FSC certified pulp. Ideal for warehouse inventory, in-house identification and picket fence barcoding. Suitable for most conventional printing methods. Download Specification Sheet
BF905 Natureflex Clear
 A clear film produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, the material is biodegradable and compostable. With a print receptive top coating this material is suitable for flexographic printing. Download Specification Sheet
BF906 Natureflex White
A white high-gloss film with print receptive coating. Produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, the material is biodegradable and compostable. This material is printable by flexoDownload Specification Sheet

Why You Can Trust Bakers As Your Trade Label Printer

Label Despatch

We recognise the importance of a confidential service. Your customers are your customers and you can count on our integrity as a trade label printer, for over four decades, to avoid any conflicts of interest.

If required, orders can be delivered to customers under plain cover or with your own branded delivery notes.

Despatch department

Leading Distributer of Label Materials

Bakers are also the leading independent distributer of self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive label materials in the UK.

Offering a comprehensive range of both branded and non-branded label products, we are a “one-stop shop” for the roll label printer. If your customers require samples of materials from the huge stock we carry, we can send them for next day delivery.

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