Baker Labels has recently completed beta tests of HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Yellow, Green & Orange for our Indigo 6900 press.

The three new inks, together with the already released ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink, create a wide portfolio of high vibrancy inks for labels that could add premium vividness to any job.

Besides being a great eye catcher, the inks glow under the UV light due to their fluorescent characteristics.

The new inks have the potential to upgrade the look and feel of many applications. We created sample label designs for Tequila, CBD oil and vape products but could see where they might upgrade the look and branding of a range of products from cosmetics, beers and alcopops, energy drinks and even pharmaceuticals. Using fluorescent inks we will be able to create new bright colours that couldn’t be reached before.

The new inks have the potential to upgrade the look and feel of applications to create a premium label.

What are fluorescent inks?

Fluorescent inks are based on pigments that have the ability to absorb ultraviolet energy and virtually immediately re-emit this energy within the visible spectrum. The effect of this is to cause the print to glow and appear very bright in daylight conditions.


When printing with HP Indigo Fluorescent Electroink the following points should be considered:

  • Fluorescent inks should be printed on white substrates, which act as a reflector base, and enhance the fluorescence.
  • PE and PP are best but white paper is OK.
  • Do not use silver or clear substrates
  • We recommend 2 hits for best results. (All our samples have received a double hit.)
  • The fluorescence is reduced when overprinting with other colours so direct print to a white substrate is best.
  • Use bold text, lines and designs to really make the fluorescent ink really POP.

If you’re paying for it, make sure you see it!

Achieving stunning results requires the best print equipment available. At Bakers we print digital fluorescent ink on an HP 6900 Indigo press working in conjunction with HP Indigo ElectroInk.

Vape sample label
Fluorescent vape label